Avenir Growth Capital Office


Situated in the heart of the Flatiron District, the New York office of Avenir Growth Capital offers luxurious comfort and a place of respite for their high profile clientele. From the velvet and brass accents to the panoramic views of 5th avenue, this space is nothing short of a retreat for the client and their visitors.

The entry’s loft-like aesthetic comfortably accommodates all guests who inhabit the space. The blue velvet swivel chairs with webbed contours and a brass base sit elegantly opposite a contemporary plush sofa with throw pillows that pull directly from the client’s unique wall art above. The geometric flat woven rug adds an edgy twist to space while linking the nearby reception area that features sleek pairings of brass and dark walnut woods for warmth.

The adjacent conference rooms are a continuation of the luxury aesthetic using brass, warm woods, and a marble-topped pedestal based conference table. Framed abstract wall art provides pops of color that succeed in bringing together the furniture and décor of each space.

The central corridor for the office suite leads to individual working spaces that are each completed with walnut top desks, wall mounted display shelves, greenery, and art. Anchoring the entire suite, the corridor serves as the perfect place for the vibrant gallery wall, poetically juxtaposing framed colorful abstract art with a black and white photograph of the historic Flatiron Building. Serving as a reminder that a clean, dynamic and meticulously curated office interior is possible even with the hustle and bustle of New York City as we know it.

Date                  2018
Category          Office
Client                Manhattan