Unacast Office


Warmth and comfort were the two driving forces behind the design of Unacast’s sprawling 3500-square foot office, located on 5th Ave and 33rd Street. The mobile advertising company wanted its office to feel like an extension of home, and have a cool apartment feel. Casual furniture groupings with pops of brand colors and greenery woven throughout the space created a fun, relaxed environment.

The entry signage feature wall was clad with boxwood and the HVAC pipes were highlighted with the company’s signature color. The 20-person open-concept work area provides ample space for new electric desks that can be easily adjusted in either sitting or standing position — without disrupting nearby desks. Retro metal locker storage, walls painted with white board paint, and plants throughout bring life and function to the space.

The cool concrete and bronze metals are warmed up with a bleached wood ceiling and brass accents while a full height living greenwall in the Lobby brings life into the space.

The Parlor off of the Lobby is a warm and inviting space. The wood floor paired with the area rug creates an alluring, soft space that people will gravitate to for reading, relaxing and working. Programming includes lounge seating, iPad stations and a kitchenette with coffee machine, creating a cozy lounge feel perfect for longer stays. A custom feature wall displaying books and sculpture cross pollinates the concrete from the Lobby into the Parlor. The custom wall provides concealed storage for housing coffee station supplies while also anchoring the space.

Date                  2018
Category          Office
Client                33rd St & 5th Ave